Welcome to Kasama!

We are providing a base for evangelistic and social activities to support churches and communities in Northern Province of Zambia.


The KASAMA CHRISTIAN RESOURCE CENTRE was founded and registered in the year 2001. Rooted in the Christian Brethren Churches (CMML), but functioning in the broader context of many evangelical churches in and around Kasama, it has become the base for a variety of activities with which the Gospel of Jesus Christ is spread and churches are established in many places of Northern Province / Zambia.


During the last 25 years, our province (600 x 400 km big!) has seen the planting of several hundred evangelical churches. This Resource Centre is the only one of its kind where their members find training opportunities, access to literature and consultation.


We invite you to find out more about the three main areas of our activities:
* the evangelism and church planting work of the Missions Fellowship Team (MFT)
* the social care and training work of Kasama Christian Community Care (KCCC)
* the place where they are based: Kasama Christian Resource Centre (KCRC).


In addition to the groups mentioned, we would like to draw your attention to a few other key programs which a number of brothers and sisters are developing in or around the Resource Centre, without them being linked administratively to our organisation. Please take time to read about the agricultural training work of Church Development, the evangelistic training work of Sowers, and the Bemba Bible Translation Project.